Welcome to our Villa Stabbia


a world filled with flavour, aroma, and texture of the finest olive oil in the world - at least to our knowledge.

A place where organic ingredients meet striking presentation, incomparable selection is surpassed only by outstanding quality.


So where are we - well the Villa Stabbia estate is situated right in the middle of Tuscany, Italy, totally surrounded by olive trees and with trees as old as 250 to 300 years, it is safe to say that olive production always has been an integral part of the agriculture at the farm.


For us here at Villa Stabbia, the aim has never been to produce large quantities of oil, instead it is of vital importance for us to focus on producing the best quality olive oil we possible can. Luckily, so far the many awards the oil has won shows that we are on the right track.


Besides being a certified organic farm producing a true gourmet extra virgin olive oil, infused olive oil and Vin Santo, Villa Stabbia is also an Agriturismo with six apartments. The agriturismo is open all year and although summer is the busiest time of the year with many holiday guests staying here - the nature and the estate is beautiful throughout the year. Each season has something different to offer.


Amongst the olive trees, our horses are grazing most of the day. They are part of the on-site riding centre, which focuses on dressage as well as treks into the beautiful Tuscan countryside.


A lot more information can be found here - Villa Stabbia


You can contact us either by phone +39 0572 74975 or send a mail to shop@VillaStabbia.eu