Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 5 litre
Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 5 litre Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 5 litre

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 5 litre

Brand: Villa Stabbia
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Villa Stabbia's gourmet premium quality extra virgin olive oil is certified organic, unblended and has consistently - year after year - a natural acidity below 0.3%. Actually for the last 8 years - the acidity has been around 0.1 % ..... that's pretty low!


Please note - the oil is from the 2018 harvest.


The farm and the oil is certified organic and only olives from the trees grown on the farm are used. The frantoio, leccino, moriaolo and pendolino fruit varieties are hand harvested in mid October and early November. Then cold pressed, milled in Villa Stabbia's own ecological mill and decanted naturally to insure the highest quality. This results in a remarkably balanced and delicately fragranced oil, slightly fruity with a touch of peppery after-taste that will diminish after a few months. The gourmet oil is golden green in colour. Bottled in a dark green bottle to protect the precious liquid from alterations by the light.


The oil made from olives grown here at Villa Stabbia has managed to go all the way to the top at several international olive oil competitions.

In 2015 Villa Stabbia and our Extra Virgin olive oil was included in the Italian Slow Food Presidia. A very honourable recognition of our olive oil and the way it is produced. In all of Italy, only 26 producers were included. Proud to be one of them. In 2016, 2017 and 2018 we were accepted again. In 2018 it also became part of the "Slow Olive"

The 2017 harvest won a gold medal in New York, a Bronze in Paris and a Gran Menzione at SOL, Verona.


For more details on olive oil in general - please have a look on our site -


The gourmet extra virgin olive oil from Villa Stabbia is extremely versatile, it will endow a salad and raw dishes with a touch of Mediterranean flair, it can be sampled alone on a piece of bread, or perhaps be the final touch on a bowl of soup or other dish, its most simple use is in cooking, to roast, grill or fry food. It is particularly suited to entrées or added to vinegar over a salad. It is ideal for pastries and baking as it gives exceptionally workable and light dough.


Contrary to myth, olive oil is very good for frying, as its critical temperature - that of molecular deformation - is around 210-220 C. In fact, its composition of fatty acids will not be modified after thermal treatment, even at a temperature of 200 C for 3 hours.


However always remember - at home olive oil must be kept in a clean place, protected from light, at a temperature between 13 and 24 Celsius (56 - 75 F.) - and of course, never ever in the fridge.

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